Saturday, January 30, 2010

go green...

i think i may have begun a new addiction -- hunting down cute pieces of furniture to use as props for photo shoots.

see what i acquired below at marshalls my most favorite limey green (which matches my wallet, purse, dell studio, water bottle and phone)--

Monday, January 25, 2010

baby colt sneak peak...

Maternity session sneak peak for Stacy and Curt - talk about a test for me and lighting...when its dark & stormy out and your confidence fluctuates pending the type of light the sun decides to shine down have to stretch yourself! I was pretty happy with the results...they are adorable together.

first offical prop!

so...i lucked out and got dibs on this sweet little beauty below - my first official 'prop' in this hobby of mine - it belonged orignally to Tracy from Pictures by Tracy ( , though she is moving into a new studio and needed to purge prior to her big move. I pick it up Tuesday and then she is all mine! you may be wondering how one could get so excited about this little red and white flurry, but it really is the PERFECT first prop (at least i think so!)...

I am envisioning it placed in a field, with a kiddo innocently sitting on it - in the well lit living room or bedroom at someones home, with nothing else around it, and a little babe curled up sleeping on its cushion --  and the list goes on and on and on...

 - though my first challenge to conquer will be mastering how to avoid a little gray furball from claiming it as his own napping haven...hmmmmm :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

a lil bit'o advertising?!


sorry it's been at least a month since I have posted...but not too much in the world of photography has been going on for me with the holiday season finally off my calendar! I do have a maternity shoot this weekend, and then the calendar is starting to fill up with more families and bellies :)

So yeah, i decided to finally start advertising, outside of word of mouth. I will have an ad in the Sons of Italy newsletter (hopefully my italian friends will like the fact that my business is named 'dolce'), and i have a little 'unplanned' advertising going on --

I was found by a sports editor in Cleveland about a month or two ago, and will be the main photographer for a documentary titled 'the Blur' - revolving around the life of Daytonian Dwight Anderson - a renowned basketball player whose life took a few crazy turns. We have a photo shoot next weekend sometime with Dwight himself - i am excited! I also received word from my  mom's best friend that the senior pictures I took for her son may be making a 'debut' in Seventeen magazine - YES - THE Seventeen magazine -- as he may have been chosen as one of the 'cutest guys' around America.

So yeah..a little purposeful, and not so purposeful advertising has been up my sleeve....more picture posts soon..promise!